HTML Markup Language Creates New Health Concerns


Is this a snapshot of your interactive/digital marketing client base?

In a recent study by of 2, 392 American men and women aged 18 or older a full 61% of them believe it is important to have a good grasp of technology in this day and age.  In the survey, as reported in the UK online publication, The Independent, respondents were presented with both tech and non-tech terms and asked to choose from three possible definitions, with respondents not being informed that it was their tech knowledge that was specifically being tested. The results are truly troubling:

10% of respondents believed HTML was a sexually-transmitted disease
42% identified a ‘motherboard’ as the ‘deck of a cruise ship
27% imagine a ‘gigabyte’ to be an insect found in South America
23% believe an ‘MP3’ to be a Star Wars robot
18% identified ‘Blu-ray’ as a marine animal
12% thought USB is an acronym for a European country

Okay – complete transparency – I am the first guy to doubt the veracity of surveys and statistical data. And here, there are holes so big you could park a Seawolf-class submarine in some of them. Survey sample is small. Respondents have no context/personas attached to their responses – were they queried in front of a Best Buy or were the smoking outside of a dive bar? Vouchercloud is not an organization specifically tasked with surveying and data collection – how were the questions parsed – how were the questions asked? Further, are we being punked?

Given all of these possibilities for bad data, the survey still points to the fact that most people/clients really don’t get what we do or what we’re talking about – and this points to the need to provide clearer, non-technical communication when pitching and developing interactive design solutions, as well as simpler, more robust, and more successful interactive design solutions.