Solving The Non-Profit Vicious Cycle With Social Marketing


According to the study, UnderDeveloped; A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising, reveals most nonprofits remain in a vicious cycle that threatens their ability to raise funds. Beyond a lack of fundraising systems and inadequate attention paid to fund development among key board and staff leaders, high turnover and lengthy vacancies mark organizations as hit-or-miss for donors and multiply the effect of inconsistent marketing messages and branding exponentially.

A key takeaway for designforseo from this post from Compass Point Nonprofits Services is this

It’s about more than one person – beyond creating a development director position and hiring someone who is qualified for the job, organizations and their leaders need to build the capacity, the systems and the culture to support fundraising success. The finding indicate that many nonprofits aren’t doing this.

My experience supports these findings as well. Too often within organizations, the same few people are charged year after year to produce increasing results on too many fronts while most sit back and await the newsletters. Especially today, with the advent of social media and digital marketing, it takes a whole organization to create the buzz within their personal, work and friend networks -and more importantly- to be involved creating the content and taking ownership of the organization’s marketing strategy. Marketing for nonprofits is no longer designing and producing brochures – it takes a whole village.

To get more information about the challenges facing nonprofit fundraising, use this link.