Rethink The Nonprofit Marketing Funnel


Seth Godin has been at the forefront of best practices for search and digital marketing for more than 10 years and he has sage advice for all nonprofits.

His books, Purple CowTribesAll Marketers Are Liars, and Permission Marketing, among others, he has sketched out the new landscape of digital marketing, and reflected on how this both mirrors our behavior as communities and has changed our roles and actions. In this podcast, Seth speaks at length about the role of marketing in the “old model“within an organization and in the larger community external, how rethinking both concepts  leads to organizational change and how to think about the way ahead.

Seth Godin podcast: Rethink Nonprofit Marketing

Currently, most nonprofits  focus on their work & their mission and the micro-cycle of repetition requesting (my term).
Challenge: Do means justify the ends? // diminishing returns // tired messages
Barrier: “Noise” is deafening – 1 billion websites // all asking for something
Old Paradigm: Effort goes in the funnel // support comes out // the funnel leaks
New Paradigm: Empower people who already believe in you // let them speak up
Goal: Don’t work to make your megaphone larger // work to put a megaphone in everyone’s hands.