10-Step Content Strategy Primer For Nonprofits


Develop your matrix for content creation – Start now!

In my experience, the most difficult aspect of marketing for nonprofits is developing the protocols and schedules for developing content for the organization. Staff, time, energy and volunteers, all being in short supply, make mastering complex tasks and adhering to tight PR, digital marketing and social media schedules near impossible.

But the greatest hurdle small-to-medium nonprofit organizations face is actually developing the matrix for creating the content – not in the execution. Separate from mission statements and appeals for donations, a content strategy asks harder questions and requires more substantial definitions from stakeholders. This leads to better marketing done more efficiently.

Start by asking the right questions – Why? What? How? And then review. To dig deeper on this subject, connect with this important document from author Steve Sponder about Content Strategy in 10 Simple Steps. Understanding the organization’s needs and being clear about the brand’s ideal. As Sponder says,

“Identifying your brand ideal is a great way to uncover your purpose and so gives you something to anchor your content to.”