Intent-Based Native Advertising and How To Make It Work For You


I have to admit – this one got by me. Not the concept rather the buzzword. Hadn’t heard that one yet/before. But coming from a very reliable source – Courtney Canfield at PaceCo in Greensboro NC (offices elsewhere too) – we now hear about intent-based native advertising. So why is it so exciting? As she describes it, “intent-based native advertising…,gives us the ability to place content in-feed on premium publisher sites at a user level.” For more of her work:

web traffic through intent-based native advertising

intent-based native advertising is here.

So what exactly is that? You may have guessed – it’s all those “ads” that pop up in your feed now; not just on Facebook, but Twitter, Pinterest and sites like BuzzFeed. You should pay attention not because you need new trainers or aluminum siding, but because the model is changing toward a more visual web. And it may require you consider changing your website’s theme or the construction all-together as you weigh bringing in these kinds of ads or developing them yourself.


When Is A Trend Not Really A Trend?

And so, as 2017 begins to roll in (I know – I’m jumping the gun), we must acknowledge this trend in full bloom. From eMarketer, “native advertising is expected to double to $5 billion in 2017 from $2.4 billion in 2013. Display advertising, on the other hand, is projected to grow at half that rate.” Before it gets mandated, it’s truly time to start considering how your site will respond.