Linkredirector – A Robust URL-Shortener With Marketing Savvy

It’s a dream come true.

Embedded links frankly are a nightmare. Regardless whether those links are embedded in PR, printed collateral, email campaigns, social media channels, direct mail or blog posts – most URL-shorteners, once created, are locked and can’t be changed. This means wasting valuable time rebroadcasting new links to new information or new URLs. Now there is a smarter way.

Today on AGBeat, we learn about Linkredirector, from Sweden, who’s built a very powerful and useful URL-shortener –AND– link redirection and management tool in one. Imagine being able to send traffic from your social media channels to one landing page or offer while email campaigns or blog posts land on another – all from the same link.


Now Embedded Links Are Smart About Who Is Using Them

Above, from Linkredirector’s website, is another way to use their robust management system. Let’s use this example: You have a link embedded into your current email campaign touting an upcoming event – with Linkredirector, your marketing team can send all NEW visitors from the original email to a master page for the event giving them the whowhatwherewhenhow – all RETURNING visitors could be sent to a signup page for the event. That’s useful.

Check this new digital marketing tool out – signup for an invitation email. I did. Also, a special thank-you to AGBeat for their up-to-the-minute reporting about all things digital marketing and today’s post about Linkredirector. If you don’t know AGBeat, you should get on the AGBus !!!