Tag Your WordPress Posts Like You’d Want To Find Them


“For best practice SEO tagging in the WordPress universe, think “alfalfa,” not “grain.”

Results – that’s what we’re all looking for from search engine optimization – no matter at what level or rate you do it for your website(s). The goal is to get as much as you can with what you do. In my experience, there is one thing that most WordPress site owners and authors can do that pays immediate benefits – Tag Your Posts. 

“Tags are one of the easiest and most effective ways to help interested readers find your post. They also help Google understand what your blog is all about and which keywords to index it under.”
from SEO Quick Tips  –  Automattic/ WordPress.com

But how to do it to maximize your effort?

There are two easy steps to thinking and practicing great tagging. First, consider all the content you have -and- all the content you will have – make these your core content. Divide the topics into silos and narrowly define what goes in them – search engines like this.
Think “alfalfa,” not “grain.” 

Then consider where in the search engines you want your website to appear and around what topics (keywords) your information (content) will add value to someone’s search. These are what I call “search seeds” – and I turn these into “tags“. So if I want search engines to notice my shop has the “most unique gifts in Gloucester MA,” I will make sure all of my posts that relate to unique gift items will all have this tag. Below, I have a list of good / bad tags as examples so you can understand what I mean.

  • Hand-painted textiles on Rocky Neck / scarves for sale
  • Boston interactive design solutions / website designer
  • Things to do in Gloucester MA / vacation planning

These examples are given to understand the concept of keywords relating closely to content and to spur you to rethink how your content can spin out new or different search seeds; tags that may even lead to more qualified web traffic and more engaged and responsive visitors. For more on how important tags are; read this article from Tom Ewer at ManageWP entitled 5 Crazy SEO Mistakes NOT To Make In WordPress.  (hint:  bad tagging is #2 on the list)

Next time we will review how to describe your categories and search engines assign value to this activity.