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  • Intent-Based Native Advertising and How To Make It Work For You


    designforseo.com looks into intent-based native advertising – the trend – and looks forward at where this might be heading. Courtney Canfield at PaceCo in Greensville NC says it, “gives us the ability to place content in-feed on premium publisher sites at a user level.”

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  • Facebook’s Call-To-Action Buttons & Designing For Search


    Facebook is all about design. The feed is structured to encourage users to click on items in the newsfeed, so it stands to reason that by increasing the opportunities to click, you’ll also be able to increase traffic to your page.    Matt Owen for Econsultancy For now, search engines and their algorithms are rewarding […]

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  • designforSEO Inks $100 Million Ad Deal With Omnicom

    Brands that work with Omnicom begin to stream into users’ Instagram feeds – avoiding Big Social Media will hurt your business now and for years to come.

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