Engagement on Devices & Phones – Now More Than Ever


2014 is the year everything changes for interactive design!

Interactive design and digital marketing may full well mark 2014 as the year it all changed. Hand-held devices, notebooks and tablets are clearly proliferating with consumers – and as they make these changes on the consumer side, many of them are pulling these devices into their day-to-day in the office.

emarketer.com has just released data suggesting that the sea change interactive designers and digital marketers have been expecting is finally here. By their calculations, a full 41% of B2B decision-makers worldwide search and consume on their smartphone, while 30% of these business-types use a tablet. Desktop computers and notebooks are still firmly in the top-2 spots, but the gap has narrowed dramatically in the last two years.

So what does this mean? It’s clear that if they themselves are searching and consuming interactive content with these devices they have:

  • Gotten over the technology hurdle in adopting and using these devices
  • Are self-educating about what makes a powerful interactive experience
  • Begun to see their digital content consuming as part of a larger context

Long term? Interactive design providers should see the next five years as a watershed moment when consumers and businesses adopt responsive, device-friendly digital marketing as the norm; no matter what the content provided. Providing for this exchange will push interactive designers and digital marketers to explore user experience and interactive design solutions in new ways. For many designers, this will change not only how they design (process), but will force them to consider user interface and incorporate user analytics in website development.