Delivering Content – Not Design – To Every Device


“The number one thing to remember in designing is content, content, content.”
Caleb Mellas from “Why Should I Design For Mobile-First?
on Webinsation

A superb web experience is like the unraveling of a great story. Great interactive design comes from understanding all the needs of both the interactive audience and the website’s stakeholders – and then pushing all of these requirements through what I have called, “The Content Test.” Framing each need by examining what content will be required to tell each part of the story is the only way to understand what the shape of the book will be.

Caleb Mellas gives us four rules regarding mobile-first design – rules that every website needs to consider before moving to the “pretty pixel” stage.

  1. (Plan) Mobile-First forces you to focus on Core Content and Functionality
  2. (Adapt) Screen sizes abound in the mobile web
  3. (Anticipate) New capabilities with the mobile web
  4. (Design) Progressive enhancements
    —  here the bold is mine —

Consider these concepts as you look through these banquet of mobile-friendly sites assembled on – analyze how the content changes as it’s delivered to different screen sizes – notice how simplicity and choices drive what core content is offered and how.